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Sweet and Savory Viennoiserie: A Resounding Success!

30 May 2024

Once again, Pierluigi Sapiente guided us through the world of pastry, sharing techniques, tricks, and secrets for creating ever-new and personalized creations.

A day of training during which participants learned:

  • The techniques of kneading, rising, and baking to achieve perfect products;
  • The secrets of choosing the right flour for the type of preparation;
  • How to personalize recipes and create unique and original Viennoiserie;
  • The characteristics and advantages of the new line of organic flours “La Pasticceria Bio” by Molino Grassi.

The day concluded with a tasting of the products made by the participants, who were able to appreciate the goodness and crumbliness of the sweet and savory treats prepared with Molino Grassi flours.

A special thanks to Pierluigi Sapiente for his professionalism and friendliness, and to all the participants for their enthusiasm and passion.

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