Making dough is an art form in which the raw material, time and knowledge form the basis of extraordinary recipes. For us it is a chance to revisit old traditions, embrace artisan methods and
use our experience to make incredibly delicious creations.

It was against this backdrop that in 2010 we opened the Molino “Impastando S’Impara” breadmaking school. A complete course to acquire an all-round knowledge of dough production and management techniques. From here, our subsequent goals and successes saw us invest even further in education, developing a genuine training centre: “I Percorsi del Molino”.

A school aimed at all professionals that want to learn more about specialist topics in the world of breadmaking, pizza, confectionery and pasta.

“I Percorsi del Molino” aims to do much more than just teach: it seeks to transmit the value of food, the importance of quality raw materials, respect for tradition and the land. Providing all of the ingredients to make excellent doughs and bring high-quality products to dining tables everywhere.

Meet the teachers