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4 October 2023

Sandro Ferretti, AMPI Master who held a training day at Molino Grassi in Parma, revealing the breakfast trends for the next season

Molino Grassi hosts some of the most original food-themed previews: it’s  about breakfast and its future trends, revealed by none other than a “gotha” of the topic, Sandro Ferretti, Master Pastry Chef, AMPI member, who told and explained to a large audience of specialists what will be the new workhorses, in the pastry shops and at the bar.

“Among the flagship products of next season, the cubic croissant”, says Maestro Ferretti. “This is a particular process that we are developing, in which the dough of the classic puffed croissant is compressed into a steel cube shape. The development therefore takes place differently, in a less extensive way, giving rise to a more intense but at the same time delicate, in perfect balance between filling and dough”.

Croissants with unusual shapes but not only that: there will be many different products that will be the focus of breakfast outside the home in the coming months. “The Maritozzo, with cream or custard, is increasingly in demand, which we expect will become a daily proposal alongside the more classic references; but also the two-tone croissant”. Among the new recipes created by Maestro Ferretti, a delicious “American-style” donut which promises to become a real highlight at the bar and in the pastry shop, capable of combining healthy cooking with full flavour: “it is of a donut that is not fried, but baked. Despite this type of cooking, on the palate this donut is as tasty as the fried one”. The secret for the breakfast of the future? It is in the dough, in which Molino Grassi pastry flours, organic and 100% Italian wheat, are the protagonists: “Parma it is one of the excellences on the food side, both in terms of ingredients and finished products – comments Molino Grassi – and today is proof of this. Like Molino Grassi, in addition to promoting the name of our raw materials and our wheat crops, we always want to look beyond, outlining in advance what the future of the applications of our flours in pastry making and beyond is.”