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Bio Pastry and AMPI YOUNG: the flour of the future starts here

8 August 2023

Enhance and realize the perception of the excellence of Italian pastry in the new recruits: this is one of the cornerstones of AMPI GIOVANI, the new project of the Accademia Maestri Pasticceri Italiani which, for two years, includes over twenty young and talented pastry chefs.

Molino Grassi has always collaborated with Ampi and since the end of 2022 it has dedicated itself carefully to this project, strong in the belief that the new generations are the most precious lifeblood to which to transmit all its know-how and values.

To support this initiative, Molino Grassi has become the scene of a multi-stage process by offering them days of training and discussion.

At the centre, topics such as organic farming and sustainability, addressed in the demos held by Pierluigi Sapiente, pastry chef and Molino Grassi technical consultant. The great pastry classics are the protagonists, the common denominator being the use of La Pasticceria Bio flours, an innovative line signed by Molino Grassi that meets the needs of production in pastry shops, for a counter proposal that is increasingly in favor of a demand that prefers ingredients zero kilometer and clean label.

La Pasticceria Bio: the flour that wasn’t there

Five specific flours for various pastry products, all organic and from 100% Italian wheat. The uniqueness of La Pasticceria Bio lies precisely in these two characteristics – organic certification and Italian character. The range includes shortbread, sponge cake, sfoglia, croissant and leavened flours, each with different strengths to satisfy the most varied requests of haute patisserie. The result of Molino Grassi’s know-how and close collaboration with Pierluigi Sapiente, it guarantees the highest standards for the finished product, so as not to give up the excellence of the result even in green-oriented references. The history of Molino Grassi with the themes of sustainability and organic starts from afar: since the 1990s the mill has begun to create organic supply chains suited to the cultivation of protein grains, grains that today flow into “La Pasticceria Bio”.