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The Molino Grassi Pizza Line is expanding

4 April 2023

A flour for Neapolitan pizza and can be used as a blend for pizza “alla palla” or in a pan, in two different versions to meet the needs of the modern pizza chef.

Napoletana and Romana and are the two new entries in the Molino Grassi Pizza Line, the result of Molino Grassi Research and Development developed by Cristian Zaghini and Nicola Ascani in collaboration with Diego Vitagliano and they follow the direction that the Company has always pursued: to support today’s professional to satisfy an ever-changing and demanding customer, providing a service with that “something” extra. Pizza is history, tradition and culture, but the new trend is towards an innovative product that delights: soft or crispy, traditional or original, while remaining high quality. The pizza of today – and that of the future – is not only distinguished in its leavening, but also in its ingredients, shape and creativity. In this setting, excellent ingredients are the essential ally of today’s professional. Here is Molino Grassi’s Napoletana, a type 0 flour with wheat germ, designed for pizza required to follow the best Neapolitan tradition. Two versions for the same number of specific doughs: one for short/medium leavening and direct doughs, and one for medium/long leavening and indirect doughs. The common denominator is a formulation designed to favour dough development, digestibility, crispness and pliability, thus enhancing the consumer’s sensory experience. Molino Grassi’s Romana, on the other hand, is a mixture for pinsa pizzas and rectangular pizzas in a tray or a pan, again in two different versions for specific doughs: a version with less fibre for light-coloured doughs – while maintaining a balanced nutritional intake – and one with more amber tones that enhances the value, taste and flavours of the past, for a more rustic result. Both options have a blend of high nutritional value, with heat-treated wheat germ and rice flour to accentuate the crispness and lightness of the finished product. Designed for high hydration, it offers the option of pre-cooking. The result? An eating experience that enhances the fragrance and crispness compared to traditional doughs.