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Pierluigi Sapiente

“Pastry for me is like music in Hip Hop culture: taking something traditional and bringing it into its current form”.


Born in 1993, Pierluigi Sapiente began his journey into the world of confectionery through… punishment.

Strange, of course, but that’s the way it was. At 14, he was sent by his mother Silvana (as a punishment) to a small pastry shop in Bologna, to work as an assistant.

There, Pierluigi began to develop a passion for his surroundings and in a short time went from dishwasher to apprentice, enrolled at the Fomal institute, graduated as a pastry chef and continued his apprenticeship, which soon saw him become head pastry chef at the prestigious ‘Regina di Quadri’ pastry shop in Bologna, where he was in charge of the product lines for seven years.

He then decided to pursue a career as a freelancer. He studied chocolate-making in Belgium, met maestros such as Iginio Massari and Gino Fabbri, and began various collaborations with leading companies in the sector, first and foremost Molino Grassi, where he continues to carry out research and development. It is from the latter that Pierluigi’s personal product lines of flour were founded, which he uses to create his products, in particular leavened products which are the strong point of this young pastry chef’s production.

Alongside his research and development, he has taken part in several competitions, including: Best Pastry Chef Eurovo 2012 and Sigep Gelato d’oro 2019 selection, in which he came first. He was also awarded the best pastry chef under 35 at World Pastry Stars 2019, presenting the ‘Parmula’ cake.

In 2019 he wrote the book “Spontaneous fermentation in bakery products” with Carlo di Cristo, Ezio Marinato and Cristian Zaghini, published by Italian Gourmet.