The teachers - Percorso focaccia

Ezio Rocchi

His is the perfect Ligurian focaccia.


Ezio Rocchi was born in Genoa in 1966 and entered the bread-making world at a young age, working his way up through the ranks in his family’s bakery and then in the famous Senno bakery in Chiavari to learn all the secrets of that noble art.

In 1995, he was ready to buy his first bakery, the Spiga d’Oro in Riva Trigoso, which he managed so expertly that he tripled its turnover in just three years. In that period, he decided to attend marketing and communication courses that led him to found a communication school together with other colleagues in 2005. In the same year, he opened a new Spiga d’Oro, this time in the centre of Sestri Levante: a place with a laboratory specialising in the typical Genoese focaccia.

It was so successful that he decided to concentrate on the second shop only in 2010. This was a wise choice because, from a retail outlet, the Spiga d’Oro in Sestri transformed into a small company capable of producing 250 kg of typical Genoese focaccia and the same amount of bread every day. To achieve this result, Ezio adopted new production strategies by working on biga and sourdough starters.

In 2011, he attended Piergiorgio Giorilli’s courses at Molino Grassi, became his assistant and decided to become a trainer. The definitive turning point came in 2012: he also sold his shop in Sestri to become a manager exclusively, in the dual role of trainer and business consultant. This choice led him to create, with Molino Grassi, an innovative blend suitable for the preparation of Ligurian focaccia.