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Diego Vitagliano

His pizza has long been recognized as among the best in Italy: a contemporary pizza that does not forget the Neapolitan tradition.


A Neapolitan born in 1985, he is part of the new generation of young Neapolitan pizzaiolos. His pizza carries the Neapolitan tradition into the contemporary world with extensive research into the dough and raw materials.

To date, he has been awarded numerous accolades: 3 slices for the Guida Pizzerie d’Italia Gambero Rosso 2022, Special Award ‘I Maestri dell’Impasto’ in the Guida Pizzerie d’Italia Gambero Rosso 2022, 2nd position in the 50 Top Pizzas in 2021, 3 pizzas for the Guide de L’Espresso 2020, Pizzaiolo of the year for Il Mattino 2019, The Young Pizzaiolo of the Year for the Guida I Sapori di Repubblica 2018 and in the Dissapore Top 30 in 2018.

Diego Vitagliano started experimenting with the pizza a canotto, the one with the high crust, which is reminiscent of the Vomero pizza of about 50 years ago, using different techniques than normal for its preparation (such as those used for bread, indirect doughs with biga or poolish).

At the time, this was considered a passing fad destined to disappear quickly, but today we can say that this was to be the future of Neapolitan pizza.

His first pizzeria opened in 2016 on the Pozzuoli seafront and soon became too small. So, the following year he moved to Naples, in the Bagnoli district, with his first 10Pizzeria Diego Vitagliano, to be followed by a second one opening in April 2019 in Pozzuoli.