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Cristian Zaghini

Trainer and professional technician expert in new methodologies.


At the beginning of his career, Cristian Zaghini worked as an apprentice pizzaiolo near his home town of Salara, and from 1992 onwards as the head pizzaiolo in important restaurants and pizzerias on the Romagna Riviera. 

His passion and his desire for the continuous and constant search for perfection in doughs drove him to study everything related to flour and yeast, so much so that in 1999 he founded a training and events association in the Rimini area with three other colleagues: RiminiPizza, where people can attend a biannual course to become a Pizzaiolo Instructor. And so he entered the world of training in the field of pizzerias for the first time.

After years as a teacher and of various work experience in different pizzerias, he joined the team of a well-known milling company in 2004, where he specialised as a technician and became a trainer at one of the most important schools for pizza on direct, indirect and sourdough techniques. 

At the same time, he set up his own company, Consultapizza, which offers consultancy, coaching and training in Italy and abroad. In addition, Consultapizza also handles start-ups, project relaunches and works to improve doughs or search for excellence.

Professional advice helps owners save thousands of euros by purchasing targeted, professional pizza dough equipment and suggesting how to avoid the purchase of superfluous, non-performing equipment.

In the blog, apprentice pizzaiolos can watch many free video clips to learn tips on mistakes to avoid when opening a new pizzeria or expanding the one that they already own and read articles dedicated to the art of baking.

 In 2019 he wrote the book “Spontaneous fermentation in bakery products” with Carlo di Cristo, Ezio Marinato and Pierluigi Sapiente, published by Italian Gourmet.