Every day our desire to learn more, to experiment and to offer the best raw materials leads us to cultivate new projects, sewing the best varieties of durum wheat on our land.

Every meeting represents a new opportunity, like our encounter with Albert Carlton, American geneticist and “father” of the Desert Durum wheats of Arizona, who in the 1980s shared with us the secret of these varieties of wheat, used by leading Italian pasta manufacturers to make a “pasta that is always al dente”. A secret which we made our own, securing the exclusive right to produce these varieties in Europe.

Thanks to Kronos® we have developed an agronomic technique which, even with the Mediterranean climate, makes it possible to perfectly preserve their qualitative and sensory characteristics. A project that has enabled us to grow, increasing our dedicated supply chains thanks to a team of company agronomists that has given our Kronos® semolina recognisable characteristics. A semolina that stands out for its high protein content, for its intense yellow colour, but most of all for the toughness of its gluten and its capacity to keep pasta al dente.

For this reason Kronos® semolina is ideal for producing top quality pasta and bread. The result is a unique and fragrant product, yellow in colour with a crunchy crust and a honeycomb-like crumb.
Every supply chain product is born from the continuous dialogue with the world of seeds and Italian cereal production, leading to the development of new varieties. Because in our work there is a time to sew and a time to reap, bringing the results of our research to everybody’s dining tables in the form of high-quality products.