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Kronos hard dough bread by Ezio Marinato


Kronos hard dough to taste

BIGA sourdough starter
1.000 g Kronos
600 g Water
5 g Compressed yeast
100 g Sourdough

Knead for 5 minutes and leave at 16° for 10 hours


biga +
1.000 g Kronos
5 g Malt
600 g Water
40 g Salt

Knead everything together with the biga. Knead for 60 minutes. Weigh and shape into a loaf. 30 minutes later, shape into a bun. Leave to rise at 28° for 120 minutes. Before baking, cut the bun into 5 parts. Steam at 230° for 45 minutes for the 600 g piece.

Open the valve for the last 15 minutes and lower the oven temperature to 220°C.