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Springtime by Pierluigi Sapiente


Lemon Crumble

124 g butter 82% fat
124 g Molino Grassi shortbread flour
124 g Avola almond powder
124 g white cane sugar
3 g fine Cervia salt
1 lemon zest

Sponge cake with oil and cocoa

98 g egg yolks
110 g fine caster sugar
2 g lemon zest
0 g fine Cervia salt
183 g rice germ oil
122 g flour 200 w
16 g Avola almond powder
10 g baking powder
147 g egg whites
12 g fine caster sugar

Soft lemon jelly

155 g water
11 g lemon zest
110 g neutral icing
267 g lemon juice
11 g powdered gelatine 200bloom
58 g water

Pureed soup of peas, avocado and mint

Peas, avocado and mint cream:
126 g high quality fresh milk
45 g avocado
26 g high quality fresh milk
3 g gelatine powder 200bloom
14 g water
103 g white chocolate 35%
85 g cream 35% fat
5 g lemon juice

White chocolate mousse light 35%
215 g high quality fresh milk
431 g cream 35% fat
310 g white chocolate
13 g lemon zest
5 g powdered gelatine
26 g water

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Recipe components

  1. Lemon Crumble
  2. Garda lemon gel
  3. Lemon and Garda olive oil sponge cake
  4. Pea avocado cream
  5. Light lemon and white chocolate mousse
  6. Neutral glaze


Bake 35g of crumble in an 8cm-diameter aluminium mould. Prepare the sponge cake and cut 6 cm discs using a pastry cutter.

Pour a layer of lemon and white chocolate mousse into a silicone mould, cool and place a layer of lemon jelly, top with the pea and avocado cream and finish with the sponge cake then freeze the whole thing. Remove the single portions from the moulds and glaze with neutral jelly.

Dress the crumble bass with a little lemon jelly and place the glazed single portion on top. Decorate with lemon zest and more to taste.

Lemon crumble method

Weigh all the ingredients as per the recipe. Cut the butter into cubes and place in the refrigerator. In a planetary mixer fitted with a paddle attachment, combine all ingredients together and knead. Spread lightly between two sheets of baking paper and freeze.

Mix pre-crumbled into homogeneous pieces.

Fan-assisted oven 150°C-160°C for 15 min, conventional oven 170°C-185°C for 15-20 min

Oil and cocoa sponge cake method

Weigh all the ingredients as per the recipe. Heat the egg yolks with the sugar, flavourings and salt and add a drizzle of room-temperature rice germ oil. Separately, whip the egg whites with the other part of the sugar until creamy. Gently add one part of the latter egg whites to the first whipped egg whites, then one part of the combined sifted powders repeat until done.

Take 1/10 of the mixture and add the melted butter at 45°C, stir and gently incorporate into the mixture. Place in a mould and bake immediately.

Soft lemon jelly method

Weigh all the ingredients separately. Rehydrate the gelatine powder in lukewarm water. Mix the lemon juice and neutral gelatine in a measuring jug. Take a small part of the mixture and heat it in the microwave at 40°C with the gelatine. Combine everything and mix well. Pour into moulds and freeze immediately.

Storage: +4°C in a hermetically sealed container.

Pea, avocado and mint cream

Weigh all the ingredients separately. Cream of peas and avocado: Steam in the oven at 120°C for 30 minutes. Mix everything to obtain a smooth, even puree.

Pea, avocado and mint pureed soup method

Pureed soup: Rehydrate the gelatine in water. In a saucepan, bring the milk to the boil and dissolve the gelatine in it, stirring constantly. Melt the white chocolate at 40°C. Pour a small amount of the liquid over the chocolate and rub vigorously. Repeat until smooth and shiny and emulsify with an immersion mixer. Always maintain the temperature above 35°C.

Mix and refine the texture and add the cold liquid cream, salt, pea cream, lemon juice and zest. Cover with cling film and leave to set for at least 6 hours.

Light white chocolate mousse 35% method

Weigh all the ingredients as per the recipe. Rehydrate the gelatine powder in water at 38°C. Semi-whip the cream and store at +4°C. Boil the milk and pour over the chocolate with the lemon zest and emulsify well together with the dissolved gelatine.

Bring the mixture to 30-31°C before adding the whipped cream.