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Chocolate and Orange Panettone by Ezio Marinato


For the evening dough

133 g Panettone flour Molino Grassi Panettone flour
66.7 g Water
40 g Liquid sourdough
46.7 g Brown sugar
33.3 g Egg yolks
50 g Butter

For the morning dough

73.3 g Molino Grassi Panettone flour
1.7 g Malt
6.7 g Milk powder
66.7 g Sugar
73.3 g Yolks
4 g Salt
100 g Butter
17 g Honey
1/2 Vanilla pod
13.3 g Orange paste
266.7 g Candied orange
66.7 g Chocolate drops

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Make a syrup with sugar and water, pour into the machine and add flour, sourdough starter and the egg yolks in several batches until fully incorporated and the dough is not too strung.

When the dough is strung, add the butter gradually.

Place in a container at 24 °C to rise for about 12 hours, or until it has tripled in volume.


In the kneading machine, knead the evening dough, flour, milk powder and malt, start to knead and let the dough set, then alternately add the egg yolks and sugar.

Let them absorb, then add the salt, orange paste and vanilla.

Add the honey slowly and allow the mixture to dry well. Add the candied orange and chocolate chips. Place the dough on the table for 30 minutes, cut into the desired weight according to the ramekins (calculate 10% more dough than the weight of the ramekin. E.g.: 1 kg ramekin : dough 1.1kg)

Place the dough in a container and leave to rise at 30° for 1 hour.

After 1 hour has passed, form the panettone, let it rise at 30°C for approx. 5-6 hours and, in any case, until the dough has reached the edge of the ramekin. If you wish, glaze with an almond glaze and whole almonds (optional).

Bake in a conventional oven at 170°.

For 500g panettone cakes, bake for 35 min, for 750g cakes 40 min. , from 1kg about 55-60 min or until 94°C in the middle.

Once baked, turn onto a wire rack.