Recipes for professionals

Country bread with toasted seeds by Ezio Marinato


For the Biga

1.5 kg Flour type
5 g Toasted mixed seeds
2.25 kg Water
50 g Compressed yeast

For the dough

1 kg Wholemeal flour
2.55 kg Water
120 g Whole salt
50 g Malted cereal flour
50 g Malt in dough without diastase

Mix as long as necessary to obtain a dry, unstructured mix and leave at 20° C. for 22-24 hours


Knead all ingredients keeping 30% of the water aside, which will be added slowly when the dough is structured.

Keep the dough at a temperature of 28 °C and let it rest for 60 minutes.

Weigh out 500 g pieces and give a light pre-shape. After 15 minutes, make the final round shape. Leave to rise at 25 °C for 90 minutes then bake at 240 °C with steam for 40 minutes, opening the valve for the last 10 minutes.