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Pan polenta by Ezio Marinato


The first refresher

800 g Sourdough starter
1 kg Molino Grassi organic Manitoba flour
450 g Water

For the second refresher (pre-fermentation)

100 g Sourdough starter
300 g Water
500 g Molino Grassi organic type 1 flour
5 g Salt


1 kg Molino Grassi Flour 00 reinforced w 280
300 g Polenta
550 g Water
250 g Sourdough
20 g Salt

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Knead everything until a structured dough is obtained, maintaining a temperature of 26°C. Leave to rest at 28°C for 3 hours 30 minutes.

Proceed with autolysis for 30 minutes by placing the dough at +4°C. Start kneading by adding the yeast, and once the dough is structured, incorporate the polenta and salt. Keep the dough temperature at 26°C, let it rise for 90 minutes then weigh and give a light pre-shape. After 30 minutes, make the final shape and leave to rise at 28°C for a maximum for 180 minutes. For 1 kg pieces, steam at 230°C for 50 minutes, the last 20 minutes with the valve open.