Recipes for professionals

Red fruit millefeuille by Pierluigi Sapiente


For the caramelised puff pastry

1.000 g Molino Grassi puff pastry flour
150 g butter 82% fat
45 g fine Cervia salt
500 g water
12 g vinegar


500 g Molino Grassi shortbread flour
1.500 g rolling butter

For the vanilla supreme

584 g cream 35% fat
117 g fine caster sugar
1 g Bourbon Madagascar vanilla pod
140 g egg yolks
9 g powdered gelatine 200 Bloom
53 g water for the gelatine
117 g cream 35% fat (semi-whipped)

For the puff pastry sugar

893 g icing sugar
179 g dextrose
119 g cocoa butter

For the vanilla chantilly

230 g cream 35% fat
1 g Bourbon Madagascar vanilla pod
2 g lemon zest
320 g white chocolate 35%
470 g cream 35% (whipped)

For the red fruit compote

2.229 g pulped strawberries
1.337 g pulped raspberries
214 g fine caster sugar
267 g glucose 42 DE
2 g pectin NH

Caramelised puff pastry

Weigh all ingredients as per the recipe.

Mix salt in water and knead everything together for 5 minutes. Cover with plastic wrap and leave to rest in the fridge at +4°C for 3-4 hours.

Pastry dough:
Knead the butter at 25°C with the flour. Roll out the pastry into a rectangular shape, place the previously rolled 5-6 mm block of butter on one side and fold over with the other half of the pastry. Then proceed with the folds and rests. The amount of liquid may vary depending on the type of flour used. Make 4 folds with a rest of 30 minutes in the fridge for each fold.

Vanilla supreme

Weigh all ingredients separately. Rehydrate the gelatine with water. In a suitable saucepan, bring the cream to the boil with half the sugar, then mix together the remaining sugar, vanilla and egg yolks. Combine the resulting mixture with the hot cream, return it to the heat and cook until 82°C. Remove from the heat and strain through a sieve. Cool down to 60°C and add the melted gelatine, mix well and cool down to 28°C. Add the semi-whipped cream and mix. Store at +4°C in a hermetically sealed container.

Puff pastry sugar

Melt the cocoa butter and mix all the ingredients together. Store at room temperature in a hermetically sealed container.

Vanilla Chantilly

Weigh all ingredients separately. Bring the cream with the flavourings to 30°C, then emulsify with the white chocolate at 30°C. Add the whipped cream and mix well. Store at +4°C in a hermetically sealed container.

Red fruit compote

Weigh all the ingredients separately. Mix the pectin nh with the caster sugar. Mix all ingredients together cold. Bring to the boil and strain directly into the mould.

Store at +4°C.


Roll out the puff pastry to a thickness of about 2 mm and cut to the size of the baking tin (60×40 cm). Prick with a fork and leave to rest for 30 min.

Dust the pastry with the caramelising powder and bake in a fan assisted oven at 180°C for 15-16 minutes, with the valve open, or in a conventional oven at 200-210°C for 17-18 minutes, again with the valve open. Allow to cool to room temperature and cut out 4x22cm rectangles. For each cake you will need 3 layers of caramelised puff pastry. Fill 2 layers of puff pastry with 4 strips of vanilla supreme cream and 50 g of red fruit compote for each one, evenly spread over the entire surface. Overlap the layers and then place in a blast chiller to stabilise. Decorate with vanilla chantilly and fresh raspberries.