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Bread seeds by Ezion Marinato


Yeast Management

Store at + 4°C
100 g Liquid yeast
100 g Molino Grassi organic Manitoba flour
100 g Water at 28°C


1 kg Molino Grassi type 1 flour
600 g Water
500 g Liquid yeast
20 g Salt
400 g “Boiled” seeds

Knead all the ingredients at a temperature of up to 25°C for 60 minutes, preferably in a planetary mixer with a paddle attachment,. When bubbles appear on the surface, store at +4°C. The next day remove from the fridge 60 minutes before use. Make a “short” refresher with: liquid yeast 300g, Molino Grassi flour type 1 100g, water at 30°C 100g

Knead until a structured dough is obtained, leave at 30°C for 60 minutes then use.


The day before kneading the dough, ‘cook’ the seeds in 1 litre of water, then place in the fridge.

Knead all the ingredients and structure the dough.

Keep 800 g of dough aside, which you will need later, and to this slowly add the remaining 10% water together with the ‘cooked’ seeds.

The temperature of the dough should always be kept at 26°C. Let the dough rest without seeds for 60 minutes, then weigh 200 g of dough, flatten it and leave it to rest in the fridge at +4°C. Weigh 400 g of the dough with the seeds and form into a loaf, place it on top of the seedless dough, wrap and roll into doughnut moulds. Leave to rise at 28°C for 120 minutes.

After this time, remove from the moulds and steam at an initial 240 °C, then, after 10 minutes, set at 230 °C for 50 minutes, the last 15 minutes with the valve open.