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Brioche Sofles by Pierluigi Sapiente


– French brioche dough
– Cooked pastry cream
– Apple and raspberry compote
– Lemon zest
– Fresh raspberries

For the apple and raspberry compote

711g raspberries in pulp
223g diced apple
117g glucose 42 DE
163g fine caster sugar
7g pectin Nh

For the French brioche

430g Molino Grassi Brioche flour
150g whole eggs
120g whole milk
64g fine caster sugar
8g salt
13g compressed yeast
43g sourdough starter (optional)
172g butter 82% fat

For the cooked pastry cream

284g high quality fresh milk
1g Bourbon Madagascar vanilla
57g cream 35% fat
43g fine caster sugar
51g egg yolks
17g corn starch
57 butter 82% fat

Apple and raspberry compote
Weigh all ingredients separately.Mix Nh pectin with caster sugar.Then mix all ingredients together when cold. Bring to the boil and strain directly into the mould; freeze. Store at +4°C.

French brioche

Weigh all the ingredients as per the recipe. Rub the cold butter in with the flour, at 1st speed. Add 90% of the liquid, compressed and solid yeast. Allow to set well. Add the sugar and salt. Allow to set well. Add the remaining liquid. Switch to 2nd speed and knead until completely absorbed. Final temperature of the dough: 25/26°C 1st proving: 30 minutes at 25°C, then fold and refrigerate at +4°C for 12 hours Size: as desired.Resting: 15 minutes.Shaping: as desired. Leavening: 26°C for 2 hours with RH 75%. Baking: 180-200°C in a fan assisted oven for 16-18 minutes (200-220°C in a conventional oven).You can freeze the products before leavening and store them in a freezer for 15-20 days, well covered in plastic wrap.

Cooked pastry cream

Weigh all the ingredients separately. Bring the milk and cream to the boil, then mix together the sugar, starch and egg yolks. Pour the boiling liquid over the mixture and boil for 2 minutes. Add the butter and mix. Strain into the moulds and freeze. Store at +4°C in a hermetically sealed container.

Form 70g balls of dough and leave to rise for about 4 hours at 28°C with 78-80 rh humidity. flatten the risen dough with a cylindrical mould, insert a diameter 7 disc of frozen pastry cream and bake.

Fan assisted oven 180°C 15-16 min valve open. Conventional oven 200-210°C 17-18 min valve open. Allow to cool to room temperature.

Decorate with a disc of apple and raspberry compote and garnish with fresh raspberries and lemon zest to taste.