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Caramel biscuit, salted peanuts and spelt by Pierluigi Sapiente


394 g Molino Grassi Einkorn flour
142 g fine caster sugar
30 g cream 35% fat
30 g muscovado cane sugar
54 g butter 82% fat
215 g butter 82% fat
81 g salted peanuts
4 g baking powder
50 g chocolate chips

Weigh all the ingredients as per the recipe. Caramelise the caster sugar. De-cook with the cream and then add the cold butter in pieces (the first quantity). Cool the resulting toffee. Mix the second quantity of butter with the Einkorn Molino Grassi flour.

Mix this mixture with the toffee made earlier.Add the brown sugar and, lastly, the salted peanuts and chocolate chips.Roll out into a 4cm high baking tin and leave to cool in the fridge.Cut into 2x2cm cubes and shape with your hands Arrange on baking trays to cook.

COOKING fan-assisted oven 170-180°C with valve open for 16-18 minutes. Conventional oven 195-205°C for 16-18 minutes.